What is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime? Why is it a game for lovers?

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Before getting into the players’ experience with the game and to analyse the claim of its hypothetical benefit, it is important to acknowledge the Lovers’ design, which includes its game mode, the storyline, the mechanics of play and the graphics. Looking into these aspects of Lovers will help us to comprehend the condition it creates for the players, especially for couples.

From the beginning of the game, Lovers has set up a scenario with an alternative universe of Love, which is being attacked by the evil force of Anti-love. The players are assigned as lovers of this universe, who set out a journey of rescuing space bunnies, fighting against the enemies by using a love spaceship that is furnished with multiple gadgets namely cannons, shield, steering wheels, map,… This romanticised storyline makes the game appeal towards couples who want…

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