Stereotypes in Video Games: Final DA

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For my bcm215 Digital Artefact (DA) I looked at stereotypes in gaming and societal views and Societal impacts on the topic. Now I hate to be like everyone else and say “I’m not a gamer” but I feel like I have to admit I struggled with this DA primarily because of this reason. To find a topic that I could relate to and actually be motivated to pursue was difficult. Initially, I wanted to explore gender roles in video games however I found it was going to be difficult to pursue this over the digital format I Initially wanted to tackle. I then broke up stereotypes into 3 different categories:

  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Age

I found that this gave more structure and purpose to my DA.


There was a lot of trial and error in regards to my DA. Originally, I wanted to produce a four-part visual essay series. In…

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