Is Nostalgia Hurting the Evolution of Video Games?

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I’ve talked about how Nostalgia in video games is unique and powerful. In case you missed it, here is one statement that beautifully summarises nostalgia. According to psychologists, icons of our past act as symbols of a simpler, more carefree time, and, in some cases, a time when people were beginning to develop their own values and understanding of themselves. This is from the article ‘Why Nostalgia For Video Games Is Uniquely Powerful’. This shows a deeper understanding as to why we tend to gravitate towards some familiar like Super Mario Bros. The familiar character is something from our past and for Nintendo, nostalgia is a powerful and lucrative tool in pop culture. With that I mind, I ask the question, is nostalgia hurting the evolution of video games?

images.jpeg Old vs New – image from YouTube

This online article ‘Nostalgia Is Ruining Video Games’ talks about how…

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