I was wrong, and I’m totally fine with it!

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To serve the purpose of this DA I have spent quite some time watching videos of couple playing Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and it was really hard to just stop myself from turning on the PS4 and spending hours on the game instead of doing work, but I managed! So yay me!

The four videos that I have watched are from NottheDuke, BasicallyIDoWrkThe Elder Gamesmen, and IHasCupquake.

There’s certainly a pattern of actions and communication that can be seen across all the gameplay. The game has made sure that its players know exactly what the mission is with their introduction and initial tutorial, and all couples seem to get the task quite easily. With the same goal of rescuing bunnies and managing the ship and nature of losing and winning, it is rather apparent from them to see whether the cooperative gameplay is…

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