For my bcm 215 project I studied the evolution of fighting games from the early days of the arcade machines to the current day consoles and what features have changed and how. I did this In multiple ways for one I have played fighting games for many years and have knowledge on all different kind of games developed I also was very interested in fighting games before this so I wanted to know more about them. I mainly looked at the modality, sub genres and art style and graphics as a main point for how games have changed. For my analysis I looked at 7 different fighting game from different points in history from early arcades to present day games and looked at what features were still around and were forgotten. The 7 games I used was karate champ that was the first martial are fighting game, street fighter 2 that people argue started the competitive scene of fighting games, mortal kombat the most controversial game in history, virtual fighter first 3d fighting game, tekken 7 the most recent instalment of a long running series and super smash bros a 2.5D brawler that innovated the casual fighters and a crowd favourite since the beginning. I played all the games on there respective console or a emulator to find out how they controlled and what features have stuck around from the start to current time. Then I researched at other games in the franchise to see what kind of features stayed in those series and what they cut for different content. By doing this I saw how the series underwent changes through its life and what fans want on series and what they didn’t as well as mistakes the developers made in the production. And finally I tried to connect these development decisions with the scientific theory of evolution that was harder then I expected it to be and didn’t actually work out to well in my presentation as I don’t have a large amount of knowledge in the field as well as not putting enough time into research for the project as I should have.

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