Digital Artifact- Cosplay and the Cost behind it

paige smith

Originally my Digital Artifact was based around researching the paratext of fan merchandise and cosplay within the video game community and why people spend so much time, money, and effort into these things. During my time after submitting this pitch, I realized I was spreading myself too thin and decided just to focus on the cosplay aspect rather than both the cosplay and merchandise.

Now throughout the semester I’ve been looking at how much time and effort goes into making and styling various different aspects of the costume as well as the reasons behind why people started cosplaying and why they’ve kept doing it. Throughout the semester I’ve been asking different cosplayers in North America – more specifically Canadian Cosplayers located in the greater Toronto area, as that’s where I have the most reach through my cosplay Instagram account @paper_cosplay about I’ve included the response to the various posts I’ve…

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