bcm215: Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Caitlin Olsen

My digital artefact altered throughout the duration of actually generating it. Although I started off looking primarily at the positives and negatives of gaming on mental health, I decided to focus more on the ramifications, the influences on wellbeing, the harms and benefits which I guess are tied to positives and negatives. I found that through the course of the digital artefact process I was discovering lots of information and research that stepped outside the boundaries of solely just the positives and negatives. In order to communicate my findings, I produced two wordpress blog posts, the third piece consisted of an introduction into the 5 minute podcast I developed.

Before developing my first blog post I created an analytical framework, however it changed three times before I finalised the below triangle. This made it effectively easier to plan, research and analyse. I focussed on three primary lecture materials including Week…

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