Contextual ESSAY

“Digital culture of today is becoming increasingly a field of retrospective” (Suominen, 2007)

Game culture is constantly evolving, so how is it that bringing back an outdated version of a game, save its dwindling number of players.

Throughout this digital artefact I explored how nostalgia can revive a games popularity or ruin its potential evolution. Specifically addressing the question of; why bringing back an outdated version of a game can result in more response and play time? Leading to the re-birth or division of a gaming community. 

To research this, I chose to focus on the online gaming programme RuneScape. RuneScape was originally brought out in 2001 and then underwent a major update after 2007 even though this update attracted many new players. The older generation of original game players were no longer interested. And with an ever growing community of online gaming services RuneScape wasn’t reaching as…

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