BCM 215 DA Contextual Essay – A Streamer’s Experience

This is the Contextual Essay for ‘A Nervous Twitch’

The Arkon Agency

Ideation and Concept Development

The origin of my digital artifact came from an intense sense of envy towards full time streamers, I mean who would not be jealous of  people playing games and doing whatever they want and getting paid. It is basically reality TV.  However I didn’t want to simply submit a recount of a semester of streaming, for several reasons, one because I knew the content might not be super appropriate (I know my mate and the game communities I play in, toxicity is a norm there), so I needed to generate a better idea.

The Idea for a Comparative Essay and Affiliate Program Viability Report was a win in the ideating process. Its benefits were twofold, It allowed me to have a clear end goal for my Digital Artifact and it allowed me to potentially achieve something theorized in the DA; a intro to a streaming career.

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