BCM 215 Contextual Essay

Memoirs of An Idiot

For my BCM215 project this semester, for my game analysis, I chose to look at the concept of replay value, and whether it was influenced by the existence of nostalgia. As I mentioned in my beta, I originally planned to take a structuralist approach to video game analysis, looking solely at the physical elements of game design. But following the feedback that I received from the beta, and from people I spoke to on Reddit about their experiences and memories playing the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Spyro franchises, and the feedback that I got, especially from the people on Reddit, (who informed me that music was an enormous factor in creating memories of the game and allowing for nostalgia) has shaped the direction of my digital artefact.

As a fan of playing of playing video games for almost as long as I can remember (my first video game memory…

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