Mr. Pickles Wants Your Ball: Contextual Essay

Hey, Honey!

Mr. Pickles Wants Your Ball focused on the Corruption Mod (Corrupted Bytes, 2015) in the context of Nintendogs, and involved navigating the basic carer duties and documenting changes in structural elements, like the sound and visual effects. In conjunction to this, how, as a form of participatory media, it affects and is affected by modality, spatiality, and the game’s technical strata.

Image result for corruption mod nintendogs gif
Vinesauce Nintendogs Corruption GIF, 2019

Analytical Framework & Research

Mr. Pickles Wants Your Ball used a triangulated analytical framework (Mitew & Moore, 2017) to provide a basis for the topics of analysis. By using elements of strata, modality, and spatiality, I described their interrelationship, effect, and role in the varied modding contexts I encountered. 

The technical strata alludes to the physical and visual components of Nintendogs. The Corruption Mod changes core characteristics within the game, such as the colour, byte size, distance, and variation. The mod is applied via…

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