A storyline of video games.


My digital artefact:

In three portions:

1st portion: Podcast.

2nd portion: Profile video.

3rd portion: Progress of female video game characters.

The beginning to end process of my digital artefact is vastly different than what I anticipated. I found the iterations and changes that occured to be quite immediate, whether that is in reference to the choices I made in my own head about the direction, or the physical direction that it was taking. 

Firstly, I create a podcast. I came to the conclusion very early on that I don’t actually listen to podcasts because I find that they are quite boring to listen to majority of the time. So why was I wanting to keep creating podcasts for my digital artefact? Turns out, I didn’t and I quickly stopped taking that route for this digital artefact. And what I did next was in my opinion, more engaging and cinematic…

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