What’s in a name? How the Monopoly board game is still making waves in the digital era

Monopoly is known for its iconic status. A household name to say the least. It has been adapted and reskinned many times before most of our more modern board games even existed, and has been seen on big box store shelves for many decades. To many people, it’s one of the only board games they know, which only further encourages major retailers to continue stocking it over other games, which reinforces its continued popularity. This has opened doors for crazy marketing campaigns with fast-food chains. 

So, that begs the question, how is a board game from 1935 still making waves in the digital era? 

It might have to do something with perhaps one of the most well-known collaborations of two big players. Mcdonalds and Monopoly. 

Image result for mcdonalds monopolyA promotion that started three decades ago has once again resurfaced for its annual appearance in people’s households across the world. Since 1987, the fast-food…

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