Moral Gamer – Bloodborne

According to Jason

After many false starts, a platform change and some technical hiccups I finally have a recorded live stream to show for my digital Artefact! I even had a few people tune in toward the end to ask questions about what I was trying to do which was probably the most fun part of the experience!

The highlight reel

Analytical Framework

For my digital artefact, I wanted to run an experiment: Can I play my favourite game in a way that would be seen as “morally correct”. I chose to do this using a livestream and the above analytical framework. The overall project was inspired by my reading of The Gamer’s Dilemma (Luck 2019), Virtual Killing (Mildenburger 2017) and the counter arguments raised by Resolving the Gamer’s Dilemma (Bartel 2012).

I wanted to examine how game design can influence the choices we make in a game, especially when there is now…

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