Don't Forget Stephen

Please find the three original Blog posts for BCM215 horror project below.

Slender: The Eight Pages
P.T Silent Hill
Firday the 13th: The Game

SLENDER: The Eight pages

The Slender Man took the internet by storm and subsiquently the horror genre followed soon after. Been the first of three blogs posts exploring the idea of “what makes horror scary?” Slender will be looked at alongside P.T Silent Hill and Friday the 13th to answer this question. Slender: The Eight pages has one of the most indepth lores and histocial significace to the online horror community as its seen as the first instance of digital folklore.

The Slender Man was an online phenomenon was created on June 10, 2009. Its origins can be traced back to a thread in the ‘Something Awful Internet’ forum was a photoshop contest that saw individuals challenge to “create paranormal images”. Forum poster Eric Knudsen, under…

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