An analysis of Twitch’s dress code – how does it effect female streamers?

Generally unimpressed.

Females in gaming is nothing new, with almost half of all video game players being women (Shen, Ratan 2016), although Twitch remains a platform dominated by males at 81.5%. There is a growing controversy surrounding women on the platform, mainly attributed to dress code violations. Many gamers feel as though there is a tendency for female Twitch streamers to use the way they dress to gain views, subs and popularity on the platform. Trainwreck, a popular Twitch streamer stated that “Sluts are coming into our community, taking the money, taking the subs” (D’Anastasio, 2018). This attitude is not unusual, with many streamers believing those who dress in tight, low cut, or scandalous clothing takes viewers away from their own audience, and makes it sequentially harder to grow on the platform.

trainwrecks.0.jpegTrainwreck pictured streaming on Twitch

In order to appropriately dissect the issue of the representation of…

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