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What are Early Access Games?

monochrome-round-unlocked-icon-vector-5103737.pngEarly access games are works-in-progress. It’s when a game is made publicly available before the game has been finished.

Early access is a stage during the games development process, presented to players by the developers as a way of testing the game while being put behind a paywall. This gives the ‘participating’ players a preview of the game, whilst allowing the developers to ‘test’ for any glitches and issues that need to be fixed. The developers are then unaccountable for any problems that arise; that an otherwise finished game shouldn’t have.

Some argue whether the term ‘early access’ was or is even valid today. D’Anatasio (2018) argues “early access means nothing anymore, if it ever did mean something. In a world where games are constantly changing, and where even the most polishes big-budget AAA games receive a stream of regular patches, the concept is simply…

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