Game Classifications – [Part 1] :)

Group Assessment ft. Kiana, Jack & Issac PART 1

Kiki Paige

Classification is a word that describes the arrangement of people or things in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics.

The classification regulations within video games have been a controversial topic among the Australian public, resulting in some video games being banned nation-wide, whilst others should be banned but are still available to purchase in-store.

Classifications for video games need to meet a critical criteria in order to be categorised correctly. However, an interesting question that a majority of Australia, or even the world’s population have asked: What variables construct the classification criteria?

OFLC_large_G.svg.pngGeneral (G) – Available for general viewing; not necessarily designating children’s films or games, however consumer advice at G classification usually relates to impacts on very young children. The content should be very mild in impact. Themes, drug use, violence, nudity, coarse language and sexual activity is extremely low, and should be justified by context.

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