The Psychology behind Sims – Ethics

The Other Side Of Paradise

It’s no secret that we all go a little crazy with power when we are thrown into the worlds of ‘The Sims’. But why? Why is it that as soon as we get the chance we decide to mess with the lives of our Sims? Are we just doing it for fun or is their a deeper physiological reason? In this blog post we will analyse some (okay – they are pretty funny) examples of reddit user’s despicable actions within ‘The Sims’ and try to give some physiological reasoning behind it. 

Before we start to pick apart specific cases, it’s important to understand a broad sense of why we start to play god in simulation games such as ‘The Sims’. Adam Lobel who not only is a game designer but is also a specialist in social psychology explains that “some people will play the sims because they love the idea…

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