The Psychology behind Sims – Agency

Generally unimpressed.

This blog post is in conjunction with two other posts written by Jasmine and Saxon which explore the psychology behind the Sims.

View The Prezi which summarises the information within this and my teams blog posts HERE.

Sims is an urban life simulator which deals with family life and human relationships, it was the best selling video game of the year 2000 (Frasca, 2010) and has rocketed to success. Along the way it has built a loyal fanbase who wait patiently for new expansion packs and game updates. 

sims4-screenshot-170.jpgSimulation is in itself an interesting concept, it has to both mirror (in the case of Sims) society, whilst still allowing you the freedom to alter the outcomes of the game. Gonzalo Frasca (2003) notes that:

“For the first time in history, humanity has found in the computer the natural medium for modelling reality and fiction. Simulation, in both its Paidia…

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