Reflection and Comment

We are now in the second half of the DA. I commented on three Beta, and hopefully, my feedback is constructive to them, and my recommended sources can be helpful in iteration cycle.

I personally prefer the Beta much more than Pitch, since everyone (including me) has a much clear mind map for their topic. In this round, I found all three Betas presented some delightful progress from the Pitch. Also, they all have improved their DA content (and direction) through the help of feedback they received.

Since I did not continue my commentary work from the original Pitches (I was signed to three different Beta), I went back to Jason, Rosy, and Caitlin’s Pitch to have a better understanding of the Beta.

The first project I reviewed is Jason’s. He wants to explore morality in some different games, and he documented his game streaming experience as being a…

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