Round 2 of Reflections on my Low Key Judgements


Through the second round of comments, I was given the opportunity to engage with another three digital artefacts which again, allowed me to further my knowledge of the gaming world.

Comment 1:

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 10.12.19 am.png

Firstly, I commented on Christina’s beta post where she discussed the relationships between violence and gamers. I discussed how she utilised the process of feedback loops well by taking the feedback from her pith and remediating her DA to potentially increase her engagement with having her DA on a greater number of platforms, including Reddit and Twitter. I engaged with her beta post as she stated that she had experienced some commenting on being biased in her research; in response to this, I suggested a source that discusses ways to remain unbiased when writing an argumentative essay which I thought may assist her. Additionally, I noticed that Christina had not listen any references for her DA. In…

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