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Chris Gwynne

The last one, finally! Thank you, everyone, for the feedback, it really has helped me focus my idea up and has given me pointers in the right direction. I hope my feedback can be useful towards your digital artefact, and I look forward to creating mine and viewing others’ in the coming weeks. For now, let’s rip into some blog comment summarisation.


Firstly, Steph’s blog about the feedback she received was well executed. Not being familiar with the project, I took what she and compared it to her previous posts, and there was a significant improvement with user engagement, style and personal touch, as well as an improvement on academic and ease of access features. Her digital artefact details the all-consuming power that Fortnite holds over young kids/teens, and what this means for society, as well as the implications for both developers and consumers.

Her blog posting ability had already…

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