Critical Self Reflection of Comments PART 2 (#BCM215)

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Following our BETA projects for the subject BCM215, I explored a further 3 digital artifacts and their progress so far. In the comments I left on each of these digital artifacts, I offered encouraging words and applauded their hard work, as well as providing my feedback. Additionally, I provided on each of the 3 contextual blog posts how they can better their project and providing academic articles and secondary research in which they can explore. 

Blog post comment n.1: 

This was the first of the three blog posts that I had decided to comment on. Issac was very well prepared and has done an extensive amount of research on his topic- ‘Sound or Emotion’. From watching his video, and reading his progress so far, I learned a lot. I suggested to Isaac to potentially simplify some of his big key gaming words for those who don’t quite understand…

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