Critical Reflection: Beta Comments

Memoirs of An Idiot

Post One: Screenshot (36).png

For my first comment, I looked at Tim’s blog post. Tim’s project, entitled ‘Crunchy Bytes’, is a video essay, focusing on the hardware limitations of the original Sony PlayStation, and how developers were able to get around these limitations through specific techniques. The essay will focus on 2 specific games, one of which being Crash Bandicoot.

As for my feedback, I pointed Tim in the direction of a YouTube video, which, after I watched it, seemed highly relevant for the direction he is taking his digital artefact. I also encouraged him to use a bit simpler language at times, especially while breaking down the specs of the console, as people without prior knowledge might find these parts hard to understand.

As someone who doesn’t know a lot about video game development, it was very interesting to scroll through some of the sources that Tim has listed…

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