Comments on DA round 2

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Below are the three comments I left on three different DA.

Go check them out! (add comments)

1) Time And Relative Dimension In Video Games


3) Loot Box Controversy! DA Beta #BCM215

  1. Hey Ethan,

Firstly very nice storyboard, great communication technique!

(I would just like to say that my comment was what I was thinking at the time of writing this. That said my option is probably gonna change as I explore/ learn about game media. So take this comment with a grain of salt (as I don’t really know) so feel free to completely disagree.)

Off the bat you mentioned at the start of your storyboard that you would mention why you ‘enjoy history games’. Although a good starting point for context reasons I would just like to say that this can be a rabbit hole and cost too much time trying…

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