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Beta One – Aimee – ‘Full-Frontal Fury’

aimee 1aimee 2

‘Full-Frontal Fury’ questions if cartoonish graphics in games and the depiction of ‘cute’ characters make one feel different about violence in them. Aimee discusses that she will focus on graphics, level design, and controls as a part of a structuralist approach. Using blogs as a medium she has incorporated the examples of Crash Bandicoot and the games correlation between graphics and violence and the history of cartoon violence in-game media to start her project off.

Whilst commenting on Aimee’s post I addressed the beta in two sections, the video, and the blog. I addressed some positives and negatives (shown below) that I hope will allow her to think about her project moving forward into the final stages of prototyping, her final project and further, her analysis in her contextual essay.


Whilst engaging in Aimee’s post there wasn’t much to suggest improvements. Her video…

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