BETA Pitch Engagement Comments #BCM215

Concrete Surfing

For my BETA pitch comments, I commented on 3 students BETA digital artifacts. I tried to give as good and concise feedback as possible as I feel this would be the most beneficial moving forward into their final digital artifact.

The first blog I commented on was Jordan Boyle’s. Jordan is doing a DA on Minecraft mods and modding and cheating culture in general by doing reviews and let’s play of mods on his YouTube Channel. Jordan pointed out in his BETA video that he was going to refine his methodology and potentially include more mods. My feedback to his overall DA and new idea was that, I think he should jot down more potential ideas that could be viewed by a more niche audience who are looking for something specific rather than having a broad topic such as just ‘mods’ as this will be hard to gain traction…

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