BCM215 Reflection


Throughout this blog I will be critically discussing some feedback I have given on three BCM215 Students’ blogs.

Comment 1: Elitism in Gaming 

Adrian’s DA project focuses in Elitism in the gaming industry, primarily focusing on games like Dark Souls. Find it here.

I had previously commented on Adrian’s blogs for his Pitch, so it gave me the advantage of understanding his project already. Unlike the previous time I commented on Adrian’s blog, I was more thorough in recommending a structural approach to completing his Digital Artefact. It felt as Adrian’s DA plan had derailed and he was lacking direction, thus the reason I recommended ways that he could transform his research and mould it into his Digital Artefact. Dissimilar to last time, I was more thorough whilst recommending projects that could be used to develop his project. Seen below, I found a fantastic Reddit forum that alongside his own…

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