#BCM215 EPIC Feedback Moments Compilation #2 Electric Boogaloo

homebrew drafts.

Beta 1 – Ricky Joseski’s Game Music Podcast

Any time that I come across a music-focused Digital Artefact, I immediately fall in love with the idea, and Ricky’s project, analysing video game music, was no different. What did leave me feeling quite disappointed, then, was the lack of content within the pitch itself – in addition to almost half the pitch itself simply being replayed YouTube videos, other than “video game music” as a broad subject area it took me a while to uncover exactly the concept, audience and social utility for the project, as well as any academic research or grounding in content from or related to the theoretical component of the subject. As such, my focus in this comment was twofold – I aimed to encourage Ricky to shift his focus towards a grounding in theory from the subject content, while also acknowledging that the concept itself…

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