Time And Relative Dimension In Video Games

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The first comment was from ‘thesquaad’. This user has not only contributed to my research with links to academic articles but presented an idea to ‘bolster the academic utility’ of my DA. I have used this feedback as the structure of my DA. They advised me to adopt a structuralist approach which I am doing in part 1 of my DA. Part 1 looks at the common structure of history games and the connections between history games and their genres. History games are focused on the setting but I will discuss how the controls, interfaces, perspective, sound, graphics and aesthetics are varied within the genre. I will provide a broad overview of video games quoting Moore, Murphy, Raessens and Swalwell. This will result in a DA with academic utility.

Part two was aided by a second comment from maihdang. This user encouraged my idea of explaining the educational utility of…

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