BETA Comment Self Roast Time

Yo bois here is my self roast on my comments on three awesome DA’s

The Arkon Agency

As part of the Beta process I reviewed three projects, each one had a clear understanding of the final product they were attempting to curate. I will be going over my comments in relation to how effective I believe them to have been in an assisting sense.

The first project I analysed was Jack Kelly’s research into the preference of gamers when it comes to physical or digital copies games. I had a personal opinion on this research, believing that physical games are on their last legs, but he made some decent points, including the pre order exclusives like POP figures you can receive with physical games. I felt he dodged some important features of his own research and expressed as much, such as the environmental impact but more importantly his confusing decision to avoid polling people who I described as hybrid buyers, people who purchased both physical and digital…

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