BCM215 Beta’s: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

steff harris


Digital Artefact: Movies based on video games

Rosy has made incredible progress throughout her DA so far. Her Beta was very organised, she provided a clear layout of how she was managing her time and content, and she made sure to incorporate her Pitch’s feedback into the rest of the project.

Rosy decided to break up her DA into 3 YouTube videos, each focusing on a subtopic within game-based films. In order to create each video, she was going to use 3 methods to collect information. One of the methods was a UOW survey, so I suggested starting it earlier rather than later in order to gain more feedback.

After doing some research, I thought that including some information on interactive films (eg. 3D) could be used in her project. This doesn’t specifically relate to video-game based movies, but it’s a strategy that we have commonly seen in order…

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