A reflection of comments – Round 2, fight!

The Other Side Of Paradise

Comment 1 – Adrian

adrian comment

Summary of individuals project –

Adrian’s project focus is the exploration of elitism culture within gaming, the changes of this culture and where it is heading. Originally, he had planned to look at this concept in regards to the industrial side of gaming, but decided to change this as it was a bit too niche, which is a good direction to head. 

Self Reflection – 

I commended him for changing his focus on his project as it’s not something to be taken lightly, and it requires quite a bit of work to make a change this drastic work. I touched on how this change is definitely a positive move, as it allowed him to explore far more information and concepts than his original idea. To back up this concept, I gave him my first piece of advice which is the concept of World of Warcraft:…

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