Zelda FOOD (Game food updated) BETA

A general description for Zelda food:

Basically, InBreath of the Wild,it’s up to players to gather their own ingredients. And fruits, fish, mushrooms, and meats can be combined in seemingly infinite ways to create a wide variety of helpful meals.

According to the interviews and documentary, The 2017 Zelda game is defined as an Open-air game, and the producers wish players able to experience all kinds of playing style in Zelda. So cooking as a hobbit and eating as an essential human activity is no doubt necessary for the game.

Between fighting monsters, climbing the cliffs, solving puzzles and exploring new maps, food is always there to calm things down.

Here are the reasons why I change my DA direction from the pitch:

From my Pitch, I received few constructive advice to improve my DA, which I am really appreciated.

One is from our Tutor. He suggested me…

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