Lightly roasting BCM215 pitches

Generally unimpressed.

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Comment 1: Adrian

Project summary:Adrian’s Beta discusses the presence of elitism within gaming with a particular focus on Dark Souls.

Self reflection: 

I provided a number of resources for Adrian including:

  • Raessens (2005): A subject reading which discusses the concept of hegemony and Stuart halls dominant, negotiated and oppositional readings. These could assist Adrian in better unpacking the differing views within the Dark Souls community. I suggested this source as I believe it could assist in producing a better triangulated framework for analysing his topic.
  • Douglas (2017): Explores the tendency for gaming communities to fetishise skill. This could be seen as a precursor to elitism.
  • Park, Song, Teng (2011): explores how achievement is a primary motivation for game play – this could be seen to encourage elitism as playing harder games would make achievement more difficult and hence more motivating.

I encouraged Adrian to produce…

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