Beta Blog Post: Mr. Pickles Want Your Ball

Hey, Honey!

Prior to and while in its development, I conducted an extensive amount of research to inform my discussion in my digital artefact. It involves a series of video essays focused on modding in the context of Nintendogs, primarily focused on the Vinesauce Corruption Mod (popularized by streamer Vinesauce in 2012). I navigate the basic carer duties and document changes in structural elements, like sound and visual, affected by the mod. In conjunction to this, how, as a form of participatory media, it affects the modality, spatiality, and strata of the game or paratext. 

The research I conducted was primarily academic or scholarly, while the media sources I utilized were solely to read up on other popular mods, such as those from Skyrim or GTA, in which I was not familiar with and I believed could be useful to my discussion. To form a cohesive background on mods for other consoles…

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