This semester will be over after 3 weeks, in this blog I will talk about what I have done with my project and also what mistake/changes did I make during the process.

Originally, my plan was introduce to people about how does video game make people rich.However, after I post my blog/video on wordpress and YouTube. I saw some comments under my pitch and realize mistakes that I made.

This is the comment which helped me the most, it did lists all the problem that I have in my pitch and also point out how can I improve on.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

In my pitch video I was talk about my personal experienced with video games but not mentioned anything about how does video game makes people rich. I realized that I choose the wrong topic with my DA, I am more interested with video game itself instead of how does it makes people wealthy.So I change my DA topic to popular video games introduction and why are they so popular.

Although I only post 1 video on my YouTube channel, I find the right direction of my digital artifact and there will be more video release every single week.Each week I will introduce a popular game to people and explain the reason for their global success. In the rest of the semester, I will try to improve the quality of my video and please feel free to leave comment under my blog/video.I would love to see your feedback and make better video.

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