my idea has changed in a slightly but also majourly im still looking at how the genre has changed over time but now i will be looking at it in a scientific way. through the theory of evolution. i will be looking at the games in two diffrent evolutional theories, use and disue as my main one. the theory of use and disuse is that species changed as a result of the habitual use or disuse of a feature. for the first episode we will be doing fighting games so features i will look at is modality, styles 2d 2.5d 3d and something i like to call anime fighting games, stories, arcade mode and multiplayer. i will also be looking at them through a darwanism point of view looking at features that got left behind or forgotten or scrapped from game series the genre and the industry all together. as of now i have not released anything to receive info on yet but as of writing this i will be tweeting to get info on what people like about the genre. after the episode on fighting games i am considering doing horror and platformers as it is genres that have evolved massivly through the years. this idea is fairly simple but has alot of information that can be presented so i may change to podcasts so i can give more information.

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  1. Hi Jacob, I’m new to this digital artefact, so correct me if I’m wrong, you said that fighting games will be ‘one of’ your chosen games to cover through a philosophical lens? For me, I’d just say cover fighting games, as it’s obvious that that is one of your passions, if I’m getting this wrong and you’re covering just fighting games, I would further say narrow it down. You had at least eight or nine separate titles that you wanted to work with, but if you really want to go into detail about how the peculiarities and significances of philosophy have affected fighting games, you really will have to put in a massive shift to cover what you want to cover with the amount you want to.

    I would suggest only examining two or three case studies, and I would suggest (although I’m going beyond my barriers here as it IS your DA) that you might use three separate studies. Smash Bros is a very unique fighter with its powerups, weapons, mechanics, abilities etc, I would continue by choosing either Mortal Kombat, Tekken, or Street Fighter, whichever one you prefer/interested in, and then finally maybe DragonBall FighterZ, as its clear you have a connection to the game as it is such a niche title.

    I’m not very clear on the analytical framework, maybe it was mentioned in your pitch, but I assume that it would be a structuralist lens, as this is very in-line with what philosophy is all about, critically viewing something through the eyes of a certain perspective, and I think a really unbiased, structured approach would benefit this DA greatly if you wish to continue down this path!

    Some sources to start off with (as I am unfamiliar with this sort of genre) might be which is a personalised blog that delves into the philosophical approach both gamers and developers take towards fighting games. I think that a style like this could be fitting for your DA, but I’m not sure whether or not that’s the type of media facet you’d prefer. Secondly, Todd Harper wrote ‘The Culture of Digitial Fighting Games’ as well as ‘The Art of War: Fighting Games, Performativity, and Social Game Play’, both of which are available via a quick Google search or UOW library search. It would be a great place to start as Harper seems definitely cultured on fighting games, and some themes of philosophy may carry over from your standpoint to his, or vice versa.

    Overall, I must say I’m a FIFA and COD peasant, but I’m intrigued by the notion of your DA, it’s not something that would have ever popped into my head, so I look forward to seeing where you take this!


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