World of Warcraft: Exploring the Rift between Current and Classic – A Beta Update

Harrison East

Exploring and trying to understand the player-base of a given video game franchise can be tricky, especially if you have a personal connection to said franchise. This is the case for myself and World of Warcraft. Being unbiased in my analysis of World of Warcraft, both Classic and Retail (the current version of the game), was a major point for me when I undertook this project. This concern was what forced me to build an analytical framework that aimed to ‘ground’ my analysis, in the hopes of providing a solid look into my case study; attempting avoiding an echo chamber effect.

As stated in my above video, my framework consisted of three major focus points. Through the lens of World of Warcraft these points involved the games’ Technical Strata, Political Economy and an in-depth look at what Nostalgia means in this context.

So far in my analysis, the Technical…

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