Role Playing in games


Games fall under at least one of four categories: Chance, competitive, exciting, and mimicry. Mimicry is a key background element in many games (Every shooter, fighting, or sports games) and the main element in a few, such as werewolf. In the context of video games, “Role playing games” (RPGs) refers to a form of mimicry when, more often then not, you can customise your character by choosing their looks, making them good or evil, or being able to upgrade their abilities as you progress through the game. Thus, RPGs are a heightened form of mimicry. So, what turns mimicry into an RPG? And what makes an RPG good?

The most obvious answer is that an RPG is just an in depth mimicry, but this doesn’t answer the cause as to what the depth is. As such, it is not mandatory for an RPG to fulfil every requirement for what I…

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