Loot Box Controversy! DA Beta #BCM215

Concrete Surfing

Since the original pitch I have made a fair amount of changes to my methodology and medium to which I wish to disseminate my information to create discussions and engagement. 

My original plan in my project pitch was to create a small series of podcasts, but after considering my audience and personal time constraints, I came to the conclusion that doing Reddit posts would be better suited to my content and my audience I wish to engage with. 

In my Beta video I show my first Reddit post being a complete failure, this was due to posting in what appeared to be a loot box subreddit but ended up being the name of a bankrupt gaming company, but following that post I decided to post to a more general subreddit which enabled me to access a wider audience, the subreddit name is r/gaming which has 26 million followers, so it…

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