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homebrew drafts.

Following on from my initial pitch, I’ve worked to modify my initial Digital Artefact idea to incorporate a more holistic theoretical framework. Perhaps the most prominent issue was combining structuralist, modality-focused analytical lenses (political economy and technological strata) and post-structuralist notions of identity and nostalgia – this was a major issue concerning those who commented on my initial pitch, and fixing it should provide some more depth. This new dimension has also been worked into the new subtitle – Political Economy, Identity, and the Eighth Generation of Pokemon. The overall question I intend to answer remains the same, however:

Why is there no National Pokedex in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield? What are the implications of this? 

BCM215 Analytical Framework.PNG 

In addition to consulting with Chris to develop the above framework, a major contributor to this narrowing of the analysis was research both into notions of identity and technological determinism –…

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