Digital Artifact Beta – Why people Cosplay and what it costs.

paige smith

In my original pitch Idea, I stated that my Digital artifact would surround me looking the para-text of cosplay and merchandise (both official and fan-made) and why people spend so much time, money, and effort into these things. During my time after submitting this pitch, I realized I was spreading myself to thin and decided just to focus on the cosplay aspect rather than both the cosplay and merchandise.

I’ve been asking cosplayers questions about their reason for picking up the craft and continuing with it throughout the years through my cosplay Instagram account paper_cosplay

In which I’ve accumulated a following of almost 900 over the span of a year.

I’ve gained a decent amount of in-depth explanations from these people. The majority of which focus not on the costumes themselves as the reason that they continue pursuing this hobby. Instead, it’s about the people they’ve met through it…

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