BCM215: Digital Artefact Beta

Caitlin Olsen

The digital artefact beta means reaching the half way mark. Although the topic I am conducting research on is extremely interesting to me, I have found it difficult to engage with specific games. The reason for this may be because I am a non-active gamer. However as I go on, I find journal articles, statistics, youtube videos and other sources that provoke a sense of relevance in today’s society. Due to the colossal effect technology has had on each and every one of us, especially in the 21st century we have all become so comfortable with the idea of constant access to internet through the numerous devices we possess and we all worry when it crashes for 2 minutes. What my project aims to discover is the real ramifications of game play.

So far I have used feedback and gaining insight as the most important component of the DA. I…

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