The Minecraft Aesthetic ~ Project Beta

Daily Dash of Danielle

My BCM215 project entitled ‘The Minecraft Aesthetic’, looks at the Minecraft game in a structuralist view. I’ve attempted to explore essential elements of the game including but not limited to;

  • The early beginning of the game (History)
  • Storylines (Bosses e.g. Enderdragon & The Wither)
  • Graphic development over the past 10yrs (The introduction of shaders)
  • MODS
  • Mobs
  • Minecraft Education

‘The Minecraft Aesthetic’, Project Beta.

My targeted audience is still in the age bracket of teens to young adults; however, I’ve found that certain elements of my first and second videos could appeal to a much older audience e.g. parents of children who play Minecraft. I’ve found my videos instructive as I’ve aimed to teach not only myself about the voxelated masterpiece that is Minecraft, but teach others who are interested in not only playing the game, but gaining a little bit more background information on Minecraft.

Video Essay One

Part 1…

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