Ladies and Gents there Is a Beta & It Includes Virtual Reality and a movie.



“The relationship between games and cinema expressed by the technology of Virtual Reality”.

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Since my last contextual blog post, I have indeed progressed a lot more and created a comfortable trajectory for me to continue up until Week 13 when the final DA is due.

I’m now at the stage where I have managed to use all my following academic, popular media sources and scholarly texts to compose a draft script to use in my video essay. As described in my video the script focuses on 5 main parts, in which my topic will flow from an introduction/definition concept, to then my analytical framework, and my game media text, American film ‘Ready Player One’.

I have grouped 8 sources which I found the most convenient, significant, and popular, with at least 4 of the sources being able to provide me with video footage, such as an…

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