The taboo topic of the sexualisation of female streamers

Generally unimpressed.

My Digital artefact originally took the form of a series of video essays to address the question:

“How does the female gamer experience, particularly on live streaming sites such as Twitch and Youtube differ from the male experience?”

My first video created as part of the series can be found here, although I have since chosen to switch to creating blog posts for reasons I describe in my beta pitch video below. 

In order to appropriately address the topic of the sexualisation of female streamers on Twitch, I’ll create 2 seperate blog posts – the first documenting some of the history behind women in gaming using a media archeology approach, and the second going into depth about the current gaming landscape.

My first blog post is already up, you can find it here, it will act as a precursor to my second blog post. 

My second blog post will…

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