Pitch comment – a self-reflect

Mai Dang

In creating a feedback loop for my peers in #BCM215, I participated in the revision of 3 projects from 3 of my classmates.

  1. Josh’s DA Exploring Adaptation

In his DA, Josh propose to series of podcast exploring the relationship between video games and its movie adaptations as forms of entertainment.


In my comment on Josh’s pitch, I suggested a way to narrow down his topic choices by offering a potential starting point: Why are game movie adaptations so bad?  My suggestion will open up new conversations on video games and the movie industry: from their risky business (post-structural view) to their complex relationship of two different media forms (structural view).

I went through the previous two comments on Josh’s pitch and interacted with the comments by referencing them in my own and develop Nick’s feedback (by suggesting a prequel video). In the future, I would focus more on the methodology…

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