BEST OF #BCM215: Game Media Epic Pitch Moments Compilation FUNNY MOMENTS 2019 #1

homebrew drafts.

Pitch 1 –  Chris Gwynne’s Where Are Those Valve Games?


Chris’ digital artefact concept, an analysis of game developer/publisher/distributor Valve Corporation, immediately struck a chord with me. Although Chris didn’t specifically use the words “political economy”, the fact that someone else is doing a project in a similar vein to my own was pretty exciting, and made me feel a touch more confident moving forward with my work. As such, being a long-time Valve user I elected to bring in my own experience in jumping from “lite” free-to-play versions of games to paid versions later on. However, I feel that there is a distinct possibility that Chris and I may run into similar issues owing to clear passions for our respective topics, and that they both may increase in size and scope as a result of not being able to adequately simplify.

Amongst the three pitches I reviewed, I felt that…

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